Website Security, DOS Attacks and more: What you should know.

Denial of services attacks are becoming common place these days, often attacking a single site or many, and from multiple locations. These attacks can cause major headaches for those networks and hosting providers that have not got the proper tools in place to mitigate these annoying attempts to interrupt service.

NetTrac® constantly monitors traffic to all hosted websites, dedicated servers and Private Clouds and uses sophisticated Intrusion Detection Systems to stifle these attacks as quickly as they occur. We make sure that all traffic coming to your website or server is legitimate traffic and we don't fool around with redirects or reverse proxy servers that slow down traffic to your site and drive your customers to your competition's websites described by some as "committing website suicide". We simply ensure that our attack signatures match actual traffic and its blocked almost instantly without impacting the performance of your website so your prospective customers do not click off before they even get to your site.

- Our servers and our bandwidth are robust and can handle a lot of smaller DDOS attacks in stride without even being noticed.

- NetTrac®'s security history has a tried and proven track record that makes our hosting service security superior to other providers.

- Our Internet facing Firewalls and IDS are constantly updated and get the job done without service interruption or service slowdowns and instantly shut down attacking IP addresses.

- Network Operations Center staff constantly monitor traffic.

- Test website research keeps us on top of new trends and attack signatures and methods.

- We have Multiple Data Centers, Redundant Networks, Military Grade Security in our facilities.

NetTrac® gives you the best in hosting. Sign up for a Business Account and get your website in good hands today!