NetTrac® has been designing and hosting web sites and mission critical applications since 1996. We combine technology and service in the right mix allowing customers to customize their solutions while providing them with a highly available hosting environment. Setting the standard on customer service and satisfaction is our corporate goal. Since inception the development of longstanding relationships with all clients, large or small, has always been Job One!

Server Farms & Staff

With our main facility located in Waterloo, Canada and staff there and in the South East Asia, we can service your needs 24 hours per day. You will always find friendly support and service at NetTrac®.

We use Multi-Server Clusters to provide you the very best hosting service.

Some companies will have all of their hosting services like email or databases on the same servers so that heavy use on one service like MySQL could actually slow down the performance of your website. We have separate email, DNS, bulk mail, database, and web servers keeping all your services running quickly and smoothly.


We believe that if you need an organizational chart to know your company, you have lost touch.

Everyone at NetTrac® is responsible to our customers.

We operate honestly and ethically in all of our relationships.

NetTrac® bases its growth on its customers, not on debt.

We invest in the best people, processes and technologies to serve you.

We keep our commitments to our customers and to our vendors.

All of our customers are important to us and we strive to make the each customer feel like our only customer.

We encourage open communication throughout our company, and we treat everyone with respect.

We take pride in our work, and we strive to be the best.

We are flexible and creative in finding solutions to help our customers and employees be successful.

We believe in GREEN operations and choose our partners accordingly.

We try to improve the lives of those around us in all of our locations.


NetTrac® hires only the most highly qualified individuals for programming and management positions. Collectively NetTrac® has over 15 years of experience in its top 10 employees alone. We solve the hard to solve problems and write world class software that is award winning. Call us today to get in touch with some of our past and current customers that can provide you the insights you need in your decision process. We are always happy to work with small groups or large anywhere in the world. You will be surprised how well we can work with your team and get the job done for a price that is competitive world wide.